Performances for Hire

Wow your guests with a stunning performance by House Of Inanna that will have them tapping their feet and shimmying in their seats!

There is a beautiful, unexpected moment when belly dancing, that happens between a performer and their audience. A split second after performing a complex dance move, there is a slight hiatus; a moment, suspended in time, where the audience absorbs the action on stage. It might be less than a second, but it usually feels longer for the dancer, as they await the feedback the audience gives so truthfully: a collective intake of breath, an outburst of laughter (“hopefully expected” ~ Petra) or even, wait for it … spontaneous applause.

House Of Inanna and their audiences communicate in this special way, weaving together these varied moments to create unique live events. The best performances are those that truly transport an audience, shifting their focus from their daily lives to something universal.

For more information on our performances for hire, please visit the performance page here