Class Information

We welcome people of all ages, genders, races, backgrounds,

sizes and abilities to our weekly belly dance classes! <3

Class Schedule


  • 7:00pm – 7:55pm – Level 1, ongoing. This class focuses on posture, our many basic moves and technique, and an introduction to group dynamics. Moves learned in Monday night class are repeated in the Saturday morning class – a great chance to review, or to catch up if you miss!
  • 8:00pm – 8:55pm – Intermediate/Advanced (Level 2 + 3).  This class focuses on group dynamics, combinations and chorus dynamics.  We don’t spend too much time on technique, and you need to have good technique to dance at this level.
  • Location – Your living room!  Currently, all classes are offered via Zoom. All you need is a way to connect to the internet (with a camera, microphone and speaker).  To join the Zoom class, email at least an hour before the class start time.


  • Lunchtime FCBD(r) Flow!  No instruction, just dancing.  No cost.


  • 8:30pm – 9:30pm – Troupe Practice – with permission of the Director.  If you think you’re ready, or want tips on how to get ready, please ask!
  • Location – Currently, online via Zoom 


  • 10:30am – 11:30am –  Level 1, ongoing. This class focuses on posture, our many basic moves and technique, and an introduction to somewhat on group dynamics.  Moves learned in Saturday morning class are repeated from the Monday night class – a great chance to review, or to catch up if you miss!
  • Classes are offered on video via Zoom, email at least an hour before the class start time.


Times are strange right now.  Some of us are still working, some of us are underemployed…some have fallen on harder times.  But we all still need to dance, and House of Inanna doesn’t want your ability to dance to be impacted by your current financial situation.  Because of this, we’ve changed our pricing for the interim.  Please do what’s right for you:


$ 12
  • I'm still employed and can continue to pay as usual: $12/lesson ($90 for a never-expiring, ten-class pass - this offer cannot be split between people or refunded)


$ 8
  • I need to save some pennies: $8/lesson


$ 0
  • My job's gone, at least for the moment: $0. Because you need to dance!

What to Expect

Class Levels

Level One Classes: Learn the foundational steps of FCBD®Style (formerly known as American Tribal Style® or ATS) with occasional House of Inanna “dialect moves”. Focus is mainly on correct technique with proper posture, taught with joy and humor. If you have little or no background in FCBD®Style or Tribal Improv style, need a refresher, or are a little shy about leading, this class is for you — it is open to anyone who is interested in learning or practicing FCBD®Style. You may start on any date since moves are repeated on a regular cycle. Taking Level One on Mondays and Saturdays is a great opportunity for you to solidify your skills by practicing more than once a week!

Level Two/Three Classes focus on more complex FCBD®Style cues, chorus dynamics, and leading and following in a group setting. Woohoo! We will additionally spend time working with props we love, from swords and baskets to veil and cane.  Please note that you need to get an OK from the troupe director to be in this class.

If you’re interested in private classes, please contact Petra

Preparing for Class

  • Wondering what to wear? Here’s some useful information on minimalist costuming, though a slim-fit t-shirt and yoga pants will do fine!
      • Pro tip!  Dancing in the costume you’ll be performing in is always a good idea!
  • Please be ready to stretch out and then dance at the start of class.
  • If you come in late, that’s fine — just stretch out on your own, then join in.
  • Be sure to have water.
  • For online classes, you will need a quality microphone, speaker, and camera – found on modern tablets, smart phones, laptops, desktops, etc. Make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in.  Have a space that’s at least big enough to stretch out your arms to the sides and overhead, and be able to move a few steps forward and back.  To get good personalized feedback from the instructor, be sure to have decent front-lighting, wear contrasting colors at hips and torso, and try to ensure that your feet and hands are visible to the camera!

Petra's Teaching Style

I dance with an open heart and a dedicated body, and this is how I like to teach. You can expect empathy with whatever your current state of practice is, as well as intensity of practice in our class time together.

Generally speaking we adhere to FatChance BellyDance (FCBD®Style) methodology and teach one slow (or arrhythmic) step and one fast (or rhythmic) step per class — then drill, drill, drill! This is the best way to acquire the muscle memory needed for good technique. Being a yoga practitioner and teacher, I also bring in yogic asana and concepts on an as-needed basis, as sometimes these can help illuminate and explain a movement, improve your mobility, or tone up your moves.

Please note:  I give specific feedback to each student.  If this is something you’re not comfortable with, please let me know ahead of time and I will respect your needs.

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