Crepe Place

HoI & friends at the Crepe Place – 2016
SJ Health Center 2015
Christmas at the San Jose Health Center – 2015. From left to right: Maggie, Bambi, Petra, Gina, Tamara, Fox, Hiya, Cherie
HaflAdira 2016
HaflAdira 2016


Marina at Dana St. Roasting Co. in 2007
Rakkasah 2012 – wearing purple!


Petra dancing at Menara Restaurant
Haunted HaflAdira – 2010
Haunted HaflAdira – 2012
Desert Dancefest – 2012
HaflAdira 2013
Dana Street Roasting Co. in Mt. View – 2011
Hiya at Burning Man
Petra at Dana Street Roasting Co. in Mt. View – 2007
Petra at the 2001 TribalFest
Hiya at the 2001 TribalFest
Amira SF – 2003
Hiya deftly wielding her buugeng at the 2014 Lumen Obscura
Petra at the 2001 TribalFest


With Majinga the Magician at a private birthday party
House of Inanna performance troupe in 2011 – from left to right: Marina, Fox, Petra, Hiya, & Cherie
San Francisco Decompression – 2010
Petra & Hiya at the San Jose Fantasy Faire – 2013
Petra cane-dancing – 2014
Early House of Inanna troupe shot: Petra, Marina, Rowan, & Hiya
Rakkasah 2007 – Rowan, Petra, Marina, & Hiya
Pantheacon 2014 – the troupe poses with a friend!
Magique Bazaar 2012
Rakkasah 2012
MistrCool & friends
Petra at the Now Rooz festival at India Joze in Santa Cruz – 2010
September HaflAdira – 2014
Lumen Obscura 2012
Petra & Hiya
Dancing for Now Rooz at India Joze – 2011
New young dancers! The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz
TribalFest 2012
Wicked Wiggles — Halloween 2008
Entranced by belly dance!
Troupe sisters
Petra with swords
Petra with swords
2013 Private birthday party
HoI dancing at the Reset Studio grand opening
HoI dancing at the 2014 Reset Studio grand opening
Tamara - Coyote Valley '16
Tamara at Coyote Valley Festival 2016
Tami & Stacy
Admiring Hiya & Tamara’s hair gardens!
Christmas in the Park 2015
2016 Christmas in the Park – San Jose
TribalFest 2015 - opening puja
TribalFest 2015
Steampunk at the Improv – 2016
Tami / Teevan headshot
Petra's headshot
Rakkasah 2015
Rakkasah 2015 – Cherie, Petra, Hiya, Fox, & Tamara
HoI performance troupe
Rakkasah 2015
The HoI line-up for the performance
The HoI line-up for June HaflAdira 2017
2015 Christmas in the Park
2015 Christmas in the Park
HoI troupe: Petra, Tamaura, & Hiya
HoI troupe members Petra, Tamara, & Hiya at June HaflAdira 2017
The Students: Maggie, Lisa, & Kali
The Students for June HaflAdira 2017: Maggie, Lisa, & Kali
Now Rooz altar table
Now Rooz altar table
2016 FOAM in SJ
2016 FOAM in SJ
The 'Las Cazuelas' stop at 'Walk the Alameda' 2018
The ‘Las Cazuelas’ stop at ‘Walk the Alameda’ 2018
Dancing at Las Cazuelas
Dancing at Las Cazuelas during ‘Walk the Alameda’ 2018