Class Information

Class Information

Schedule & Locations


  • 7:00pm – 7:55pm – Level 1, ongoing. This class focuses on posture, our many basic moves and technique, and somewhat on group dynamics
  • 8:00pm – 8:55pm – Intermediate/Advanced (Level 2 + 3).  This class focuses on group dynamics, combinations and chorus dynamics.  We don’t spend too much time on technique, and you need to have good technique to dance at this level.
  • Location – BMI Fitness, 1678 Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara CA 95050 (near San Jose Airport & across from CostCo)
  • Parking – There is plenty of parking in the roomy back lot. Ask the teacher about the stealthy back exit!


  • 8:30pm – 9:30pm – Troupe Practice – with permission of Director.  If you think you’re ready, or want tips on how to get ready, please ask!
  • Location – Varies; determined & communicated weekly


  • 10:30am – 11:30am – Refresh of Monday’s Level 1 class, and a great time to practice what you learn there.  This class also works as a stand-alone if you prefer a weekend class!
  • Location – BMI Fitness, 1678 Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara CA 95050 (near San Jose Airport & across from CostCo)
  • Parking – There is plenty of parking in the roomy back lot. Ask the teacher about the stealthy back exit!

What to Expect


  • $18 for drop-ins
  • $150 for 10 classes, paid at once. Sorry; this offer cannot be shared between people or refunded.

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Class levels

Level One Classes: Learn the foundational steps of ATS® (American Tribal Style) with occasional House of Inanna dialect moves. Focus is mainly on correct technique with proper posture, taught with joy and humor. If you have little or no background in ATS® or Tribal Improv style, need a refresher, or are a little shy about leading, this class is for you — it is open to anyone who is interested in learning or practicing ATS®. You may start on any date since moves are repeated on a regular cycle. Taking Level One on Mondays and Saturdays is a great opportunity for you to solidify your skills by practicing more than once a week!

Level Two Classes focus on more complex  ATS® (American Tribal Style) cues, chorus, as well as leading and following in a group setting. Woohoo! We will additionally spend time working with props we love, from swords and baskets to veil and cane.  Please note that you need to get an OK from the troupe director to be in this class.

If you’re interested in private classes, please contact Petra

Preparing for Class

    • Wondering what to wear? Here’s some useful information on minimalist costuming, though a slim-fit t-shirt and yoga pants will do fine!
    • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early, and be ready to dance at the start of class
    • If you come in late, that’s fine — just stretch out on your own, then join in. You can pay afterwards
    • Bring your own water
    • Wear a dance skirt and a choli, yoga pants and a slim-fitting shirt, or something similar. It’s fine to dress up for class, but the emphasis of class is on practicing our technique

Teaching Style

I dance with an open heart and a dedicated body, and this is how I like to teach. You can expect empathy with whatever your current state of practice is, as well as intensity of practice in our class time together.

Generally speaking we adhere to FatChance Belly Dance (FCBD ATS®) methodology and teach one slow (or arrhythmic) step and one fast (or rhythmic) step per class — then drill, drill, drill! This is the best way to acquire the muscle memory needed for good technique. Being a yoga practitioner and teacher, I also bring in yogic asana and concepts on an as-needed basis, as sometimes these can help illuminate and explain a movement, improve your mobility, or tone up your moves.

Looking for yoga classes? Click here.


I love Petra! She is a very, very passionate and understanding teacher. She is a master in her craft. She breaks down each move and will drill on it until you feel comfortable. You will learn a lot in Petra’s classes. She is a master at body movements and will pay attention to each student’s limits in motion. Petra is fun, funny, honest and really gives you appropriate praise and encouragement. Oh, did I mention she dances with ease and confidence? Petra is a fabulous dancer and will impart her knowledge freely. She really makes dancing fun and fun to learn layered movements. Her troupe members — Marina, Hiya, and Rowan — are wonderful and really make you feel comfortable learning ATS. I look forward to each Monday night! Rak on Dancers!
~ Zabella

I am so happy to be back in the ATS saddle, and am thankful to have found another South Bay teacher who is so knowledgeable and skilled. I like Petra’s teaching methods as she combines a structured, focused class with a giggle now and again. It is all about her passion for dance and having fun — and that is communicated by welcoming students of any and all skill levels. I would highly recommend Petra’s class to anyone who wants to sharpen their ATS skills, learn a new method of dance, or wants a fun and exotic workout. She really does have something for everyone. Plus it’s so cool to hang out with the ladies of House of Inanna!
~ Stephani

Have you ever taken any kind of dance class and ended up frustrated, confused, and thinking you can’t dance? Well, you need to take a class from Petra – right away! We always end up giggling and having so much fun! She breaks down each move into the smallest detail so as a student you feel at ease and relaxed as you learn. She’s addicted to purple, family, and her students. Petra portrays a high level of respect and love for ATS and her students, it shows in her dancing and most of all her warm smile. If you have ever thought about taking a belly dancing class, please come and join us. We will welcome you with shimmies!
~ Scheherazade