Important FCBD announcement

New announcement: this upcoming year, January 2017, is the last opportunity to attend ATS Homecoming here in the Bay Area — at least for the foreseeable future. Students, fans, friends — if you are in this area please do NOT miss out on this chance for classes, shopping, and performances. There are still individual classes available, as well as tickets to see the two night performances.

See you there!

Steampunk Sorcery at Magique Bazaar

There’s a tiny clip of our performance at the San Jose Improv as past of Magique Bazaar’s Steampunk Sorcery show at around 1:37-1:45-ish. Also a short bit of us bowing at 3:20ish as well. It was good to actually see some of the acts that we couldn’t see, because we were backstage!