More upcoming performances!

On February 17 we will be performing at Pantheacon: the House of Inanna dance and narration ritual-passion play of the powerful mythic story “Descent of Inanna.” We hope to see you there!

We’ll be dancing at private birthday parties on February 25 in Bonny Doon and July 21 in Santa Cruz. However, you can see us at the wonderful monthly HaflAdiras at Adira Dance and Costume on April 8th, June 10th, August 12th, October 21st (that’s the always fabulous Haunted HaflAdira), and December 9th — for the ever-entertaining Holiday HaflAdira.

Also, please come see us at Rakkasah West! Our performance is scheduled for Sunday 15th April at 5:24 pm. We hope to see you there!

Upcoming performances!

A quick update on our upcoming performances!

Next Friday November 3 at San Jose City Hall, Petra and Hiya will be dancing with fire at the Playa-to-Paseo Sonic Runway Grand Opening. A really beautiful art piece from last year’s Burning Man is being installed there! We’re not sure about the exact time (though it should be after dark), or how long our performance will be, or if we’ll also do non-fire ATS bellydance. We do know there will be other performers and probably other Burning Man-related artists. It should be a fun event — and the Sonic Runway is really worth checking out!

Sunday November 12, we will be celebrating all our “Scorpio birthdays” with a dinner and dance performance at Menara Moroccan Restaurant in San Jose. If you’ve never eaten at Menara it is so worth checking out! The decor is beautifully exotic, and Moroccan food is very yummy! We will be hosting a 2-hour evening and will be welcoming some other guest dancers to join us.

Sunday December 3 at 5pm will be our Christmas in the Park performance — we’ll be on the Community Stage in Plaza de Cesar Chavez in downtown San Jose. Grab a hot cocoa, admire the kitschy fun which is San Jose’s traditional Christmas in the Park event, and watch us dance!

More details for each of these events are on our Facebook page — please “like” us! Also, please feel free to share all these events, and to invite friends to join us!

Troupe & students shine at August HaflAdira

The August Hafladira was a great one for House of Inanna — we had six students performing along with troupe members Petra, Cherie, & Hiya! Lisa, Karin, Kali, CeCe, Bambi, and Avnija all danced, some for the very first time. Great job, ladies!

One of the songs we danced to was Jain’s marvelous “Makeba.” Enjoy!

Minimalist costuming

We’ve had some queries as to what a new dancer should start collecting together for her belly-dancing outfit, and what costuming is necessary for a performance. The following should help! As you read, though, please remember:

  • Don’t worry about getting everything right away; there’s definitely a little investment in getting your basic dancer’s costume together. Ask if you can borrow something, if you don’t have one already. We all have plenty of stuff to loan and do not mind doing so!
  • We don’t need to look exactly alike. Please make sure to express yourself within the following structure!

Referencing the costume parts, top to bottom:

Fox: minimalist ATS Costume
Fox: minimalist ATS Costume
  • Hair Garden and Makeup: addressed down below!
  • Choli – brought to our costume from India! Best choice for your very first one is a basic black cotton, because of its versatility. The very best cholis can be found at Flying Skirts — they are made for a woman’s body and won’t gap and show unwanted cleavage.
  • Coin Bra – making one so it’s exactly what you want is the best way to go. In the short run, though, you can either borrow one from a dance sister, or purchase one at Adira Dance in Willow Glen. For ATS you’ll want one which looks kind of like this one — aim for more coins and shells; less sequins.
  • Hip Scarf – we love our fishnet scarves! You can find them at Adira’s in many colors. You should also eventually get a kuchi (or similar type of) belt. You can see several on this Etsy page; just about any of them will work.
  • Skirt – a 25 yard skirt is essential for ATS dancing. Recommended first skirt is one in a solid color. Later you can get a patterned one, and as a third we recommend a plain black one for versatility. Adira’s carries a good selection, though you can find one cheaper on Weves – they’re good quality, too! (Note: the link is to a plus size skirt, but they also carry “regular” sizes. Feel free to browse other locations too!)
  • Pantaloons – an easy item to sew yourself, if you want. If you purchase, make sure to get yoked pantaloons so that your layers of clothing don’t bulk up around your hips. You can clearly see the black yoke on this pair offered by the Mother Ship: Fat Chance Belly Dance.

Basic ATS Makeup:

Tamara's ATS makeup
Tamara’s ATS makeup
  • Tamara’s makeup is a little heavy — the lines are very thick — because this was “30 foot makeup” done so as to be easily seen when on a theater stage. For Hafladira you can make the lines narrower and the application a little lighter, as we’ll be much closer to our audience. But this is such a good photo that I had to use it!
  • Bindi – we use the type that sticks on with spirit gum or false eyelash glue, but you can also use the sticker-back ones. That’s all we had back in the day! I remember going to Bombay Bazaar on Valenica in the Mission SF district to buy them.
  • Egyptian or Cat Eyes – these elongate and enlarge the eyes. You can ask a troupe-sister whose make-up you admire to take a couple minutes to show you some tricks. There are also a great many tutorials on YouTube for making cat eyes. I like this one because she goes for historical accuracy, though I myself wouldn’t connect the eyebrow and “cat eye” lines. You’ll want to be careful that you do nothing to close the eye in, as well, as this makes the eyes disappear at a distance… and who wants that?
  • Harquu marks remind us of the facial tattoos traditionally given by/to Bedouin women. We like to do dots over the eyebrow, maybe down the nose, and a flourish on the chin. Here is some info on “why.” There will be a link to different designs coming in the future.
  • Lips – traditionally, we go with a red that suits us individually. However, if you want to use a different color to go with your eye makeup and/or costume, have at! We also like to put a little gold glitter at the center of the bottom lip for emphasis.

Hair Garden – more coming soon! Have an annotated pic for now:

Petra's Hair Garden for ATS(R)
Petra’s Hair Garden for ATS(R)

The June HaflAdira performance

House of Inanna was very proud to be part of the June HaflAdira at Adira’s Dance & Costume! Performers were troupe members Petra, Hiya, and Tamara, while students Collie, Lisa, and Maggie also participated.

HoI troupe: Petra, Tamaura, & Hiya
HoI troupe members Petra, Tamara, & Hiya
The Students: Maggie, Lisa, & Kali
The Students: Maggie, Lisa, & Kali
The HoI line-up for the performance
The HoI line-up for the performance


Also, please click here for the video of the HoI performance at the June HaflAdira. Enjoy, & namaste!

Dancing Feet 2017

We are so excited about our next performance project! We are in the Saturday night performance of Dancing Feet 2017. Not only are we performing, we’re sharing the stage with a variety of other dance forms — including flamenco, ballet folkl├│rico, Scottish, and Bulgarian! It should be a great show!

The show is Saturday April 22 at 8pm, in the Mayer Theater at Santa Clara University. General admission tickets are only $20 — buy yours now!

For more information please click on the flyer below. Also, please note there are three performances: Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon — however, we are only in the Saturday night show. We look forward to seeing you there!

Dancing Feet 2017 flyer

Performing at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz

House of Inanna performed at the Crepe Place on Saturday the 11th — it was a beautiful day and a lovely dance! Two of the old hands, Petra and Tamara, led two of the students, Maggie and Kali. A good time was had by all, and the audience was most appreciative! Best of all, one of our kind audience members was good enough to share two photos she took with us. Thank you so much, kind but unnamed audience member! ­čÖé

Crepe Place - more of Petra's sword dance
Petra’s sword-dancing solo
Crepe Place - Petra's sword dance

Connecting with the audience!

Then, after our sets were completed, we also took a few shots of each other. Enjoy!

Petra at Crepe Place
Our troupe leader, Petra
Tamara at Crepe Place
The ever-enthusiastic Tamara
Maggie at Crepe Place
Maggie, one of the student dancers
Kali at Crepe Place
Kali, the other student dancer