One Voice

Today, while the Electoral College votes, a song that’s definitely not Middle Eastern but captures some of the feeling of coming together with other dancers to meld our unique styles and music-interpretations to create a unified, synchronized dance piece! A reminder that each of us can use our One Voice to give a powerful message of unity.

As always, please support your artists — in this case The Wailin’ Jennys — by purchasing their music.

Happy Thanksgiving!

There’s much to be thankful for, even if we have to search it out sometimes. Share “Blessings” by Solace with us on this Thanksgiving holiday in the US.

The album is “Beginners Guide to Solace” and is excellent! This is the song with which we’ve been practicing different zill patterns. As always, if you like the music then please do the musicians a solid and purchase a copy from them. This will keep them alive and making even more music for us to enjoy!

A list of dance music

Hey everyone,

Here’s a list of music we dance to in class.  It’s not comprehensive, but it’s enough to get things started for you. Remember to purchase music from the artists whenever you can — to support them — and tip and pay your dancer too, for the same reason! 🙂

Song Artist Album Speed
Enta W’Bas Hossam Ramzy Bedouin Tribal Dance Rhythmic
Blessings Solace Beginners Guid to Solace Rhythmic
Adir Adirim Balkan Beat Box Turntables on the Hudson10 Rhythmic
Ya ‘Ain Mawtatin Pangea Pangea Vol. 4 Rhythmic
Dom and Doumbia Hossam Ramzy Rock the Tabla Rhythmic
Arabian Knights Hossam Ramzy Baladi Plus Rhythmic
Alla Hai Hossam Ramzy Baladi Plus Rhythmic
Bounce Solace Beginners Guid to Solace Rhythmic
Derwood Green Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy Immortal Egypt Rhythmic
Ferozashah Phil Thornton Nexus Tribal Rhythmic
Shanti (Peace Out) MC Yogi Elephant Power Arhythmic
Beauty Beats Beats Antique Collide Arhythmic
Cleopatra in New York Nickodemus Turntables on the Hudson10 Arhythmic
Caterpillar Beats Antique Collide Arhythmic
Jilala I Morocan Spirit Moroccan Spirit Arhythmic
Milieu Beats Antique Collide Arhythmic
The Nocturnal Stealth of Cats Drumspyder Kytheria Arhythmic
One Voice 40 days The Wailin’ Jennys Arhythmic