Pantheacon photos!

Pantheacon photos!

Our Pantheacon performance was crafted specifically for the Creatures of Myth & Magic belly dance show. In this piece we told the story of dryads (or tree spirits) and the tree priestesses who bring the burned trees from the California wildfires back to life.

The belly dance performance/ritual was performed to
Ayla Nereo‘s Whispers, followed by Trobar de Morte‘s Beyond the Woods, and concluded with another lovely Nereo song: From the Ground Up.

As always: if you like the music then please purchase a copy — and support our wonderful artists!

From upper left: Kali as tree priestess; Petra, Fox, & Tamara as dryads; Maggie as tree priestess. From lower left: Lisa, Hiya, and Cherie as dryads.
Lisa as a dryad
Kali as a tree priestess
Cherie, Hiya, & Petra: three dryads

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