New Year’s Resolutions #8!

New Year’s Resolutions #8!

Are you ready for the new year? Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? We, the performers, teachers, and students of House of Inanna, have 19 resolutions for 2019 — so we’re going to post one each day!

Eighth resolution: Love my body! We all have different bodies — different shapes, sizes, colors, ages, abilities, and more. Whatever your body is like, learn to appreciate all it can do. Celebrate it! And give it a rest and care when it needs it.

In this photo we have a variety of ages, weights (including one body which was well along into gestating another body!), heights, abilities, and ethnicities, all dancing joyfully as best we can! Not pictured are some of our male and non-binary students’ bodies. Sorry they weren’t there that day!

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