Petra teaching at Coastal Belly Fest!

Petra teaching at Coastal Belly Fest!

Are you and your troupe looking for a fresh take on dancing ATSĀ® together? Bring just yourself, or the entire troupe — and come learn exciting new dance moves and beautifully dramatic formations with the sword, for both groups and individuals!

Join Petra of House of Inanna as she teaches the “Sword for ATSĀ® and Troupe Dance” workshop at 1:00 pm during Coastal Belly Fest on Saturday 22 September.

House of Inanna will also be performing at the elegant and beautiful Gala Show that very night!

Purchase tickets here — it’s time to thrill your audiences anew!

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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for belly dance class for beginners. I never and have not been belly danced before. Is there a class that suits me? Thank you. I prefer Saturday schedule.

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