Fall performances

Fall performances

Can’t get enough of House of Inanna? Fear not! You may simply attend one of our many and varied performances in order to see us dance… and if you need even more ATS® belly dance in your life then please join us in class!

During the month of October you can find us at the following venues:

A Dark Night with Edgar Allan Poe
Friday 5 October at 7 PM
American Legion Hall
1504 Minnesota Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Sirens Fest
Thursday 4 October through Sunday 7 October

House of Inanna will be dancing on Saturday the 6th — catch us there!
234 Hutchins Ave.
Sebastopol, CA 95472-4519

ATS ® Flash Mob World Wide 2018!
Saturday 13 October at 12 AM EST
Dance song: “Burning of the Temple” by Djinn
The World, Planet Earth

Haunted Hafladira!
Saturday 21 October; event starting at 1:00 PM
House of Inanna’s dance time is yet to be announced
Adira Dance & Costume
2038 Lincoln Ave.
San Jose, California 95125

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