More upcoming performances!

More upcoming performances!

On February 17 we will be performing at Pantheacon: the House of Inanna dance and narration ritual-passion play of the powerful mythic story “Descent of Inanna.” We hope to see you there!

We’ll be dancing at private birthday parties on February 25 in Bonny Doon and July 21 in Santa Cruz. However, you can see us at the wonderful monthly HaflAdiras at Adira Dance and Costume on April 8th, June 10th, August 12th, October 21st (that’s the always fabulous Haunted HaflAdira), and December 9th — for the ever-entertaining Holiday HaflAdira.

Also, please come see us at Rakkasah West! Our performance is scheduled for Sunday 15th April at 5:24 pm. We hope to see you there!

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