Upcoming performances!

Upcoming performances!

A quick update on our upcoming performances!

Next Friday November 3 at San Jose City Hall, Petra and Hiya will be dancing with fire at the Playa-to-Paseo Sonic Runway Grand Opening. A really beautiful art piece from last year’s Burning Man is being installed there! We’re not sure about the exact time (though it should be after dark), or how long our performance will be, or if we’ll also do non-fire ATS bellydance. We do know there will be other performers and probably other Burning Man-related artists. It should be a fun event — and the Sonic Runway is really worth checking out!

Sunday November 12, we will be celebrating all our “Scorpio birthdays” with a dinner and dance performance at Menara Moroccan Restaurant in San Jose. If you’ve never eaten at Menara it is so worth checking out! The decor is beautifully exotic, and Moroccan food is very yummy! We will be hosting a 2-hour evening and will be welcoming some other guest dancers to join us.

Sunday December 3 at 5pm will be our Christmas in the Park performance — we’ll be on the Community Stage in Plaza de Cesar Chavez in downtown San Jose. Grab a hot cocoa, admire the kitschy fun which is San Jose’s traditional Christmas in the Park event, and watch us dance!

More details for each of these events are on our Facebook page — please “like” us! Also, please feel free to share all these events, and to invite friends to join us!

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