House of Inanna

Dancing for the Joy of it, combining the Sacred & the Silly.

Performing at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz


House of Inanna performed at the Crepe Place on Saturday the 11th — it was a beautiful day and a lovely dance! Two of the old hands, Petra and Tamara, led two of the students, Maggie and Kali. A good time was had by all, and the audience was most appreciative! Best of all, one of our kind audience members was good enough to share two photos she took with us. Thank you so much, kind but unnamed audience member! 🙂

Crepe Place - more of Petra's sword dance

Petra’s sword-dancing solo

Crepe Place - Petra's sword dance

Connecting with the audience!

Then, after our sets were completed, we also took a few shots of each other. Enjoy!

Petra at Crepe Place

Our troupe leader, Petra

Tamara at Crepe Place

The ever-enthusiastic Tamara

Maggie at Crepe Place

Maggie, one of the student dancers

Kali at Crepe Place

Kali, the other student dancer

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