Descent of Inanna: Journey to the Underworld

Descent of Inanna: Journey to the Underworld

This ritual interpretation of the Descent of Inanna was performed at Tribal Fest 2011. Due to the nine-minute limit on stage time we reduced the traditional number of gates from seven to three, and we concluded not quite stripped bare, but wearing simple, unadorned shifts to symbolize the lack of any of the trappings of the ego. The ritual was a profound practice for us; more of an internal exploration than a performance piece.

We received a lot of help with this, for which we are very grateful. Many thanks to Elena Melendez for the beautiful voice-over of Inanna, and to Mixmaster Sean Gugler for mixing our music: A Muey A Muey (Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects); Izgrejala (Vas version); Cantara (Dead Can Dance); Jilala 1 – Nocturnal Ritual (Moroccan Spirit); Shashkin (Rare Elements – O.F. Tekbilek remixed). A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible!

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